This formula strengthens the entire system, and so it is relevant in a number of cases.
The Reloaded formula is intended for anyone who feels “drained” of physical and emotional strength due to the Western lifestyle that tends to “squeeze” everything out of a person. Many people suffer from chronic fatigue and lethargy, from various chronic illnesses resulting from the system’s erosion over time, or from chemical substances that weaken the body. Illness itself tends to wear down the healthy dimensions in the human body.

Recovery in acute situations – the formula is designed for rapid and significant recovery of most types of acute illnesses: seasonal viral illnesses or the many infectious children’s illnesses contracted in preschools and school.

Most of the tendencies to illness are a direct result of a general and ongoing weakness, until the outbreak of acute illness or, alternatively, a deeper chronic illness.

The eruption of illness indicates a weakening of the person’s entire system. Therefore, strengthening the system leads to general recovery from many types of maladies and even prevents various illnesses.

This basic approach in Eastern medicine shows there’s a need to first strengthen and rehabilitate the deep chronic foundation that preceded the illness, which in most cases leads to spontaneous recovery as the overall system undergoes a renewal process.

How does the strengthening process occur? And how does it cure a wide range of illnesses?
Most illnesses are the product of a weakness in a number of basic centers in the system, such as: a weakness of absorption in the digestion system, a weakness of the liver as a central organ that cleans the blood and filters out toxins, and a weakness of the systems that generate a person’s basic energy (systems related to the functioning of the kidneys). When these three systems[IM1]  are damaged (and they usually are damaged for long periods of time, in a process that occurs almost invisibly until the outbreak of deep and life-threatening illness), the entire body’s resilience and immune system deteriorates. This affects the person in many ways, and not only on the physical or energetic level. For many, a lack of physical vitality means a loss of emotional vitality and a lack of desire to engage in action and internal fulfillment; this is likely to have many repercussions on the person’s level of existence.

Reloaded is a formula composed of various ingredients that address different functions in the human body:
to strengthen gastrointestinal absorption via more regular bowel movement (this affects the entire metabolism);   to cleanse the liver as an organ and strengthen its cleaning function;   and to strengthen the body’s vitality – vitality related to the resilience of the immune system and to the systemic energy related to the kidneys, as the kidneys are understood in the East.

Thus, in fact, Reloaded is a formula designed for anyone who seeks renewal or invigoration, and wishes to prevent future illnesses related to the erosion of the system.

Instructions for Use

To strengthen and renew, and to prevent illness – take about a half a dropper twice a day

To treat chronic illness such as arthritis, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, gastrointestinal problems and the digestive system, where the common denominator is chronic weakness of the system – take about a half a dropper four times a day and decrease the frequency to twice a day when you see recovery and concrete relief.

During acute chronic illness (such as fever, flu, common cold, and so on) – take about a half a dropper every hour and decrease the frequency during the recovery process, from every hour to once every two hours and then once every three hours – until full recovery from the acute illness. You can continue to take once or twice a day for two additional weeks in order to rehabilitate the system, strengthen it and prevent other similar illnesses (this occurs more often during the winter months)

For children ages three to 12 – we recommend taking a quarter of a dropper as described above, and a quarter of a dropper every hour during acute illness, moderating the dosage in light of the recovery process.

Half a dropper is the recommended dosage from age 13 and up.

We do not recommend taking Reloaded before going to sleep because the formula strengthens the system and is likely to keep you awake.

Pregnant women, nursing women, people who take prescription drugs and children – consult with your doctor.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Do not use this product if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.
Produced by A.M.B, 1 Haoman Street, Beit Shemesh for Nehushtan – Herbology

Certified as kosher by the Beit Shemesh Rabbinate