This formula is intended for two main purposes – 

  • Strengthening the brain as an organ – the formula contains ingredients that strengthen brain activity and nurture the brain with nutritional components and energy, thus improving its functioning and processes of thought and memory. Therefore, this formula is intended for an older age when memory or cognitive abilities gradually blur. Deep deterioration can also occur among people for whom the brain and thinking are central tools in their work or occupation. This formula will refresh and renew their cognitive ability for their thinking and mental work.
  • Strengthening the power of awareness in the present, and addressing problems of attention and concentration. In general, attention and concentration phenomena are expressed in difficulty with being and staying in the present, and in focusing on something. This is a very common phenomenon today due to the multitude of stimuli and mental challenges that sometimes prematurely meet and challenge the system. These overstimulate the brain and engender responses such as overload, discomfort and “noise” that ultimately creates the phenomenon of “attention and concentration.”

These phenomena appear among young children as a result of overload and a structure of consciousness that is still “sleeping” and is awakening to the world of technology and stimuli in a way that is rapid and unnatural. 

These phenomena exist even more intensively among teenagers. During adolescence, the body is stimulated due to the normative developmental activity of hormonal changes, and there is hyperactivity. In addition, there are natural processes of an inclination toward excitement and reactive extremism. This structure encounters an environment that constantly stimulates their system. So the mind is unable to concentrate on one thing. The teenagers move swiftly on the axis of time, outside of the present experience. This situation leads to many learning difficulties. 

This formula will also greatly help older people who have trouble concentrating due to the difficulty of being present in the moment.

Another, opposite, situation is when a person seems to be “spacy.” Due to an inability to keep pace with the environment’s stimuli, the person withdraws inward and weakens his contact with the environment. The person looks like he’s “floating” and isn’t present. 

The process of bring the consciousness into the present has two extremes: hyperactivity and daydreaming. One is an inclination toward excessive stimulation and an inability to focus; the person appears to be frenetic and restless.

The second is a result of the person’s system overloading; he then “prefers” to disengage and not be present in the situation. 


1.    Mobilizing concentrated and strong powers of thought and focus. Sometimes a person much mobilize considerable powers of thought prior to a particular event or situation – for example, before an emotional or stressful test that threatens to lead to what is called a “blackout.” The formula encourages the ability to concentrate despite the stress, and helps to mobilize the required forces.
2.    Or in a situation in which the person fears he will be too excited to “get the job done” – such as an employee assigned to make a presentation to an audience. In these cases, the formula will encourage the ability to concentrate despite the stress, and will help in mobilizing the required mental forces.  

Instructions for Use

To boost abilities to think and concentrate – half a dropper, twice a day. This dosage is appropriate for people 13 and older. 

For children of ages six to 12, the recommended dosage is a quarter of a dropper, twice a day. 

Before  an event that requires mobilizing powers of thinking and focus – a dropper about a half hour before the event.

Clarity’s ingredients

Each of the formula’s ingredients is connected to a different aspect of the mind’s function.

When all of the ingredients are combined to make the formula, they strengthen all of the activities of cognition in an organic, calm and friendly way. 

The ingredients – (water, alcohol)+
1.    Kola nut – improves concentration and the ability to study, related to the learning material.
2.    Ginkgo biloba – improves the memory and the ability to extract information from the memory.
3.    Bamboo extract – improves and strengthens the steadiness of the mind and the ability to engage is
       something over time without distraction. Leads to stability. 
4.    Bacopa extract – relaxes the mind, but also sharpens alertness and the ability to think. A two-fold actio of   
       calm and alertness. 
5.    Frankincense extract – sharpens thinking, and therefore boosts concentration and focus during learning 
6.    Vanilla stick extract – nurtures the instrument of thought, the brain. Generates a feeling of calm that         
        enables you to engage in something without internal disturbances. 

Pregnant women, nursing women, people who take prescription drugs and children – consult with your doctor. 
Keep out of reach of children. 
Store in a cool and dry place. 
Do not use this product if you are allergic to one of the ingredients. 

Produced by A.M.B, 1 Haoman Street, Beit Shemesh for Nehushtan – Herbology 
Certified as kosher by the Beit Shemesh Rabbinate

Nutritional Supplement

Caloric value: less than 10 kilocalories per dose