Koby Nehushtan

From a young age, Koby became interested in and studied different ways of healing people. In his many travels, he learned and specialized in various fields of alternative medicine, and became a certified practitioner and amassed rich clinical experience.
The Nehushtan Herbology company’s development of herbal products is the fruit of many years of healing people, research and learning.
Koby is a certified therapist in classical homeopathy (a graduate of George Vithoulkas’ International Academy of Classical Homeopathy) and Chinese medicine. During his career, he also studied additional methods of treatment, including Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda-Indian medicine.
As a practitioner, he also worked and studied in various countries as a member of medical delegations to Africa, as well as in England and New York.
In the last several years Koby teaches Chines medicine and Homeopathy in Spain

Koby operates clinics in Modiin